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Lausanne Marathon Charter


By registering at one of the Lausanne Marathon 2018 races, the participant accepts morally the following CLM (Charter Lausanne Marathon):Nouvelle image


I, a participant in the Lausanne Marathon, 


  • I respect the rules of Lausanne Marathon
  • I make the registration by indicating scrupulously the information useful to the organizer
  • I do not register with a false name, forename or false date of birth, in order to be advantaged
  • I do not register a member of my family or a friend by cheating on his or her personal détails
  • I register my child, with his / her correct date of birth, in order to run with other children of his / her age
  • I indicate my estimated time of course as accurately as possible and do not overestimate myself
  • I promise to take the start only if I am in good health, and that if my physical condition is optimal for the distance chosen
  • I do not start if I do not have my bib
  • I am in the starting block that the organizer has given me
  • During the race, I respect the other riders, and do not cheat
  • If necessary during the event, I listen to my body and stop if necessary and ask for help
  • At refueling, I do not hesitate to lose a few seconds to regain strength by hydrating
  • If I give up, I inform the organizer of my abandonment
  • I run on the course indicated by the organizer
  • I do not use doping or drug products before and during the test
  • I agree that, in case of bad weather conditions, the organizer should take steps to ensure the safety of all
  •  I accept, if necessary, the cancellation of the race in case of particularly serious phenomena without refund of the registration
  •  On the course, I respect the signposting put in place by the organizer or the information given by the staff
  •  I accept with pleasure the souvenir price and / or the podium price distributed by the organizer
  • If I have any problem with the organizer, I inform him in a respectful and polite manner
  • I participate in the Lausanne Marathon  for my pleasure and without constraints

Signed : The participant

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