Registration opening now
Next edition 22 october 2017

Modification of your registration

Modification of the distance



Change of distance possible, free of charge, until October 9th at 5 pm by telephone or e-mail, and after then on spot by paying an amount of 5.- No refund of the difference in price. If change for a longer distance : the participant must pay the difference in supplement. 


Starting Blocks


Runners could change the time expected till October 9th, 5.00 pm. After this deadline, no more modification can be made.

When registering please indicate your estimated time of running for the starting block. In case of forgetfulness the runner will be placed in the last block.

We advise you to not distort your real racing time by indicating a better time in order to start in one of the first blocks. This will have a negative effect for you. After a few hundred meters already, you will be distanced by the other runners of the block. Then, the next block will catch up and overtake you at a faster rate of racing. This will destabilize you for the rest of your race.

If you would like to depart with your friends in the same block, please indicate the same race time.

A lot of runners announce the same race time. We must distribute all these runners in 2 or 3 blocks. You will risk not starting in the same block as your friends because we distribute the runners by region (eg : we put all Lausanne together and the other regions and countries in another block). In order to be together with your friends who do not live in the same region as you, it is better to indicate an exact time, for example 59.52 minutes or 1h01,4 or 1h31,1 minutes for being together in the same block.  If you need explanation, please call us.

Depart of blocks every 3 minutes.