Lausanne Marathon - Vitual - 13.10 - 03.11
For everyone !

Explanation of the Virtual Concept for the Lausanne Marathon 2021

Explanation of the Virtual Concept for the Lausanne Marathon 2021 over 3 Weeks


The registration fee is only CHF 29 or CHF 14.50 for Group Mutual Policyholders.


When registering, you do not need to choose the distance or the day and time of departure.

During the 3 weeks from October 13 to November 3, you will be able to run and walk either on the marked Lausanne Marathon routes over several days and times of your choice, either alone or with registered friends, (roads open to traffic) or along routes that cover the same distances in your region or country.


You can run or walk one or more of the proposed distances: 5 km, 10 km, half-marathon and marathon. It’s good training for your future winter races.

Our goal is to give runners and walkers the opportunity to dare themselves to launch into a long distance. You have the freedom to take an entire day to run a half marathon or a marathon, walking or running, without the deadline that is imposed during regular races.


With Fair-play, you can time yourself with your own watch or your phone.

You can run the same distance several times and your best time will be taken into account for the results. By running or walking various distances, you will appear in the results for each distance.


Info by email:

In early October, you will receive an e-mail from Datasport showing a link indicating your various times. Each time you complete a race you click on the corresponding distance on the link and indicate your time.

Do you train regularly? So you would then be able to run or walk during the 21 days. Only one stopwatch per day can be indicated on the link.


Our various mailings:

Our mailing between mid-September and the end of September

The 2021 long-sleeved technical t-shirt, a bib and a 1x free train ticket from Lausanne to La Tour-de-Peilz or vice versa in order to provide you the opportunity to walk or run the half-marathon distance. This train ticket is valid from October 13 to November 3.

Our mailing from the end of November to the beginning of December:

The 2021 medal, engraved with your first and last name.


Your email and mailing address:

In order to receive our mailings and the link by e-mail, please indicate a complete mailing address and a correct e-mail address. For those who have a myDS Datasport account, please check your old results and correct them if necessary before making payment. In the event that the letters are returned, they will not be resent.


Groups, Clubs, Companies, Businesses:

An Excel list is available upon request with the possibility of making payment by invoice.


For your comfort:

Regardless of what route you choose, you must obey the traffic rules and remain vigilant at all times.

The routes are unsupervised and no medical assistance, road safety or supplies will be provided.

During your participation, you must bring your own supplies and your charged phone. You will not be leaving at night or during very bad weather.

Age limit for registration is 12 years old (year 2009) and older.

Route maps and links will soon be available on our website.


We hope you will enjoy running without the stopwatch and deadline and without being in the middle of a crowd and while being able to choose your day and time depending on the weather. Enjoy yourself and go ahead and indulge and test yourself at various distances.


We happily remain at your disposal for further information by telephone at the number: 021 806 30 16.


Sportingly Yours – The Organizing Committee