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28 october 2018

Clothes transportation

Who is this service for?

The service « clothes transportation » is available to all runners. Before the race, you deposit your special bag in the truck corresponding to your block, the bag is delivered with your t-shirt at the marathon expo. You get back your special bag after your race, it will be in a box, tent under cover, at the Place de la Navigation.



For the walking/nordic walking/10km/marathon; transportation will be from the departure at Lausanne to the Place de la Navigation.

For the half-marathon; transportation will be from the departure at La Tour-de-Peilz to the Place de la Navigation.



 Smart Tip

A little trick in case of good weather; you can deposit your own bag in your box at the Place de la Navigation from 8:00 am



In order to better guide you, flags three meters high of the color of your block will be placed in front of the corresponding truck!



Runner’s clothes  - transportation


For your clothes (advice : do not put valuables, key, mobile phone, money), a plastic bag and a sticker with your bib number will be given to you when you get your bib. The sticker must be glued to the bag.


Important for the half-marathon,  the trucks carrying the bags, will leave the Tour-de-Peilz at 12:55. Escorted by the police, all trucks must leave at the same time, 45 minutes before the start of the race. This time is calculated according to a possible breakdown of one of the trucks. If this should happen, the police escort would stop all trucks on the highway emergency stop strip to transfer the bags to another truck.


It is also necessary to have time of unloading in Lausanne and to put the 4’000 bags in boxes by order of bibs in order to find it quickly to give it to the runner.

Box sacs habits tente marathon expo

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