27 OCTOBER 2024

Disqualification - Strollers - Dog - Antidoping tests


No external support, supplies, of any form whatsoever, shall be allowed. The bib must be worn so that its number is clearly legible, as well as the publicity of the official sponsors.

Cyclists are forbidden on the course. Strollers are forbidden on the course. Any rider accompanied by a cyclist will be disqualified without notice.

Stroller – Dog – Equipment and rolling stock

Lausanne Marathon is a competition affaire.

In order to respect our insurance policy, for the benefit and safety of your child and other participants, strollers, dog, rolling stock such as wheelchairs, strollers, roller skates and other specialities are not allowed (even for good causes and / or associations), for obvious safety reasons. Any person caught in the act participating in one of the Lausanne Marathon races with a stroller or dog, will be disqualified without notice and will not appear in the ranking.



Anti-doping tests

Adult competitors will be submitted to any anti-doping tests carried out by the concerned sports authorities.